Hyperpigmentation No More? GHK-Cu Users Share Their Stories!

Many happy GHK-Cu users have been writing to me about their experience using our products...

And the remarkable results they've seen.

Naturally, they are ecstatic.

Here's just one example from a gentleman who had hyperpigmentation...

That is, patches of skin were a lot darker than his normal complexion...

On his cheeks and forehead.

This is what it looks like (not a photo of the gentleman in question:)


This is the message the GHK-Cu user sent us:

In an experiment, I decided to apply it for 2 weeks on one side of my face to see if it made any difference, and wasn't expecting much.

After only 7 days of usage on my left side, the results were alarming given how much lighter the left side of my face looked.

My wife, who didn't even know I started using it, asked me what happened to the right side of my face which was unchanged but visibly stood out now.

I lost the symmetry and could see the patches on my left side were fading and breaking up into individual freckles.

Additionally, I noticed the pores on my left side were noticeably smaller. which was an unexpected benefit.

I decided I had to start using on both sides and my hairline along with red light therapy and, after 2 weeks, the results were nothing short of amazing.

I look forward to combining with the Royal Blue Serum in the future for a one-two punch to a more even skin tone.

Keep up the great work on the Aseir Custom line, Jay and Nick!

Best regards,



Here's a photo another customer sent us, after a few weeks using GHK-Cu.


As you can see from the above before and after photos...

This handsome fellow went from inflammation and redness...

To a much clearer complexion.

I call it the:

"Inflammaface to Babyface" transformation.

And if he continues to stick with GHK-Cu in his skincare regimen...

His skin will only get better and better.

Here's what fitness guru and biohacker Ben Greenfield looks like on GHK-Cu:

And this is what he had to say about our products:

ben greenfield testimonial for ghk-cu by aseircustom

As you can see, we are not playing around.

GHK-Cu Sky Blue Serum and Royal Blue Cream are the real deal.

Some customers, like Jennifer, have switched to Aseir Custom products only and stopped using everything else they were using.