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Reverses hair loss and promotes new growth for fuller and thicker hair

  • Help regrow your natural hair
  • Prevent hair follicles shrinkage
  • Stimulate blood flow
  • Help regrow your natural hair
  • Prevent hair follicles shrinkage
  • Stimulate blood flow
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Aseir Custom’s hair growth serum is more effective than average products that grow hair. Learn more about our hair growth formula and place an order.

Aseir Custom Hair Growth Products

If you’ve tried just about everything to fight hair loss without getting any results, it means you haven’t tried Aseir Custom. Our hair growth serum uses copper peptide GHK-Cu to reverse hair loss and improve the overall health of your scalp—it’s a science-based alternative to average products that grow hair, attacking the root causes of hair loss instead of just the symptoms. Our proprietary hair growth formula has helped hundreds of people get their confidence back with thicker and fuller hair. You can also complete your transformation with products that will renew the health of your eyebrows and lashes. Learn more about Aseir Custom’s hair serum and other life-changing products below.

Auxano Grow V2 Hair Growth Formula

The Auxano Grow V2 combines carbon 60 (C-60) molecules with copper peptide GHK-Cu to stimulate hair growth. Every order contains two different hair growth serum oils that are safe and simple to use.

Serum A contains 3% GHK-Cu, which is a higher concentration of peptides than you’ll find in most products that grow hair. Apply this formula directly to the scalp to strengthen your current hair follicles, promote blood flow to thicken the scalp, and prevent hair follicle shrinkage in thinning areas.

The Serum B hair regrow formula contains carbon 60, an antioxidant and immune-boosting element. Massaging Serum B into the scalp has been shown to visibly increase the amount of hair follicles in the dermis. Carbon 60 also fights oxidative stress at the roots and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Auxano v2 hair cream for optimal hair treatment
Auxano Brow and lash grower and shaper

Auxano Brow & Lash

Finally, a way to achieve beautiful, full, and healthy eyelashes and brows without chemicals, tattooing, or fake lashes. While the hair growth serum oil found in the Auxano V2 Hair Growth Formula differs from that of Auxano Brow & Lash, you can expect the same stellar results.

The three main ingredients in this product are myristoyl pentapeptide-17, vitis vinifera (grape) cell culture extract, and glycerin. Each primary ingredient has unique properties designed to thicken lashes and reverse damage from tweezing and plucking.

Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 is the primary ingredient that drives healthy lash and brow growth. The grape extract is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that make your skin more fertile for hair growth. Seeing as eyebrows and eyelashes are 10% water, it makes sense to keep the area hydrated—that’s where glycerin comes in. This ingredient draws water from the surrounding cells to set a foundation for healthy brow and lash growth.

What Is Copper Peptide GHK-Cu?

Peptides are naturally occurring molecules that help the body in a variety of ways. Here are just a handful of the things that benefit greatly from peptides:

  • Bone strength and density
  • Joints
  • Muscle strength
  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Libido

GHK-Cu is a tripeptide, which means it’s made up of three amino acids. The high concentration of GHK-Cu in our hair growth serum stops follicles from shrinking, increases their thickness, and improves blood flow to the roots.

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