Return Policy

All Aseir Custom Product Sales Are Final!

Aseir Custom makes some of the most innovative and revolutionary peptide based cosmeceuticals in the world.

Our peptide based products are backed by multiple clinical studies going back two decades. Each product is custom formulated to deliver maximum results for the end user.

Due to the nature of our custom formulated products, all sales are final.

Please understand returns are only possible if damage occurs in shipping.

If your product is damaged upon receipt of your package, please email us at so we can send you a replacement product immediately.

Shipping Return Process

If your item was damaged during shipment, please email for immediate assistance. Our Customer Support team is available to communicate with you from 9AM to 5PM PST Monday through Friday.

Your replacement product will be processed immediately and shipped within 3 - 5 business days.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding your shipped product, please contact us at

We’re available to talk to you 9am - 5pm PST, Monday though Friday

Disputes and Chargebacks

By making a purchase on our website you agree to not file a charge back or a dispute for any reason within 30 business days of making a purchase.

You agree to send us an email to to resolve any payment issues you many encounter with us and you agree to wait 30 business days before contacting your bank, payment transaction processor or payment gateway to file a charge back or a dispute.

You agree to be liable for damages and business losses due to charge backs or disputes made by you within 30 business days of your purchase, and you also agree to appear in small claims court and be liable for our attorney’s fees.

If your order or products fail to arrive and you have evidence that you’ve reached us via the email mentioned above, and we did not get back to you or help you with a replacement product request within 30 business days of your purchase, you may file a charge back with no liability.