"I stopped using everything else... nothing works as good as this"

Some of our customers have ditched all their skincare products...

And switched to only using GHK-CU Royal Blue Cream and Sky Blue Serum.

Like Jennifer, a board-certified integrative health coach.

Here's what she told us recently:

 Jennifer Board Certified Integrative Health Coach

Hi Jay and Nick,

I just wanted to write to you to tell you how blown away I am with the new Aseir Custom GHK Serum and Lotion.

I mean, holy s***.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much as you hear about these products all the time that do this and that and they rarely ever truly come through.

As a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, I am fully immersed in the world of biohacking, anti-aging, health optimization, and cutting edge protocols and therapies.

I have used GHK as an injectable peptide in the past and honestly didn’t see any real results.

Because I believe in the work that you do and I am always looking to support fellow high vibration colleagues, I decided to give it a shot.

Holy s***. Jay, seriously this stuff is insane.

I have been using the serum and the lotion in mostly at night and sometimes if I remember, in the AM after my workout (but these days I go straight to the beach or work outside so it is usually just in the PM).

As I started getting low on the first batch, I immediately ordered a second batch of both because I didn’t want to run out and have any more time go by in between.

It has literally saved me sooo much time because I have stopped using EVERYTHING else since nothing works as good as this.

I noticed my skin looks tighter, so much more even in tone, it is softer and my overall complexion has definitely changed.

And yes, even though it is pricey, I am actually spending LESS money since I am no longer having to buy all of the other stuff I was using!

Jay – I am formally asking you to turn the lotion into a body lotion!

I want to put this everywhere so my whole body can look like the skin on my face, renewed and re-energized.

I only tell my clients about products I have personally tried and vetted and I told every single one of my clients about this product.

And so far ALL of them have been reporting back the same thing I have experienced (these are men and women from their 20s to 60s.)

I am 43, I have had 2 children and I used to bake in the sun when I was a kid and have the sun damage to prove it, yet this has made a huge difference for me.

Thank you so much Jay for creating this kick-ass product. I can’t wait to get more and see how my results continue to improve even further.  Thanks so much again!!!!

Jennifer Benson
IG: @jeneralwellness

Jennifer also told her audience about us on Instagram.

We're so grateful:

So, I have been waiting to tell everyone about this because honestly, I really wanted to make sure that what I was noticing was legit.

My friends Jay and Nick created this amazing skin product and I have been truly blown away by it (and it takes a lot for me to notice a difference with stuff like this.)

I wrote an email to them just to tell them whole-heartedly how excited I was and I figured that I would share what I wrote with you (swipe to read).

But basically this is a copper peptide that has amazing health benefits both internally (injected) and externally (as I have been using it).

These guys took this incredible peptide that is safe and natural and not full of toxic s*** and created an amazing serum and lotion.

I am not being paid to write about this, nor am I getting anything special for it.

I just think it is super important to support small businesses with high vibrations and truly good people.