GHK-Cu: "Treating" Bad Skin, or "Maintaining" Good Skin?

Last week, I talked about how to use GHK-Cu in a way that enhances your skin health.

But in case you already forgot why this copper peptide complex should be of great interest to you..

Not only does GHK-Cu remove the effects of aging, but it also delays them.

Doing so limits AND prevents future wrinkles, age spots, and facial lines.

GHK-Cu makes all of this happen by rejuvenating your skin's natural renewal systems, working on a deep cellular level to influence and rebuild your collagen and elastin levels.

I bring this up because I received an excellent question from a trusted member in my inner circle:

Do you think I should hop on GHK-Cu cream now, or do you think it's better to have a "If it ain't broke don't fix it" approach?

As with almost everything and anything related to peptides, I let the master biochemist Nick Andrews take the reign.

Honestly, it you already know, GHK-Cu reverses and slows down the natural aging processes of the skin (wear and tear).

But I would even say that 20-something women who look like swimsuit models should be regularly using GHK-Cu.

It will prevent all of the sun damage which builds up and "shows" when they hit their 30's...funny enough, it doesn't really show up while you're partying in your 20's.

If those women used GHK-Cu from an early age and stuck to a consistent regimen, they could easily prevent the development of skin wear & tear at both the cellular and DNA level.

In full disclosure, I should say that the REAL stuff does not come cheap.

So if you look like a million bucks right now and you have the means to afford it, using GHK-Cu would be a smart move.

If you don't see any visible signs of aging on your body and/or you don't have skin issues, you can use it intermittently -- a few days a week, or even after specific "damage" (working outside all day, spending the day at the beach, partying all weekend, etc.).

And there you have it folks - GHK-Cu is about the closest thing you'll ever see in terms of a "magical elixir" that helps you stay young forever.

Now that you know what it can do for you, pick up your order of Royal Blue Serum and Sky Blue Cream today!