Phenoxyethanol Ingredient Page

What Is Phenoxyethanol?

Phenoxyethanol is an ether alcohol that’s added to cosmetics for preservative purposes. It’s derived naturally in green tea, commonly made in a lab, and is a common ingredient in many products, especially for skin and hair care. Phenoxyethanol has many unique qualities and abilities that really make it stand out from other ingredient options, making it one of the most beneficial substances to be used for hair and skin health. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits to learn just what makes this ingredient so special.

It’s Super Antioxidant

Many junk and processed foods cause a buildup of molecules within the body that are dangerous and damaging to one’s health. One of the best ways to remove these molecules is to consume antioxidants, especially super antioxidants. Phenoxyethanol benefits the body because it is super antioxidant, meaning it has the ability to clean up these harmful molecules and stimulate one’s health.

It Encourages Longevity

Phenoxyethanol is excellent at acting as a preservative, which means it has the ability to extend the life of anything it’s added to. In cosmetics, this amounts to products that will have a longer shelf life without losing the strength of their qualities. By using products that contain phenoxyethanol on the hair and skin, any achieved results may also last longer.

It Enhances Athletic Performance

Thanks to phenoxyethanol’s antimicrobial properties, those who use it in their products may find that they are healthier and able to perform better as a result. This makes it a great choice among athletes as any small amount of health improvement can translate into better physical achievements.

It Helps Skin Health

First and foremost, phenoxyethanol is a preservative, so it does not directly affect skin health. It does, however, contain antibacterial properties, which is why it’s often used as a preservative in the first place. These properties will help ensure that the skin is free from unwanted bacteria and pathogens, encouraging the skin’s health to flourish.

It Promotes Hair Growth

When protected from harmful bacteria and effectively cleaned, one’s scalp and hair follicles will be much more healthy. As a result, hair will be able to grow faster and more fully. The hair itself will also look and feel much better.

Phenoxyethanol for Skin Benefits

Prevents Microbial Growth

The ability of phenoxyethanol to prevent microbial growth not only benefits the products to which it is added, but to the skin, as well. This is because bacteria will continue to be fought off even after the product has been used on one’s skin. Additionally, the product itself will be safe to use, helping to encourage skin health.

Stabilizes Products

Phenoxyethanol does not react with other ingredients. It also doesn’t react with air or light. This makes it a stable addition to any product and helps to keep the product stable, too. The other ingredients won’t break down, ensuring they remain high quality. Plus, all of the benefits that any skin care product has to offer can be taken advantage of without there being any unwanted side effects or reactions. 

Phenoxyethanol for Hair Benefits

Enhances Product Shelf Life

As one of the top preservatives, phenoxyethanol does a great job of increasing the shelf life of hair care products. There is never ever any need to worry about products going bad or losing their efficacy. In fact, the benefits that a hair product offers will only be enhanced, promising the intended results.

Has Versatile Use

Able to enhance the safety, effectiveness, and quality of hair care products, phenoxyethanol really is a versatile ingredient that creates many benefits for its users. From helping to create a better clean to encouraging hair growth, it is the preferred preservative among product manufacturers.

What Is Phenoxyethanol Made Of?

Phenoxyethanol can be derived naturally from green tea. However, it is more commonly made in a lab by using an alkaline medium to treat phenol with ethylene oxide, hence its name. It is safe to use, but one should always consult a healthcare professional before using something new.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a new skin and hair care product, opting for one that contains phenoxyethanol will provide many benefits. As a preservative, it will help products last a long time while keeping them safe and increasing their quality, resulting in healthier skin and hair.

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