For maximum benefit use Serum A (GHK-Cu) in combination with Serum B(Carbon 60). We recommend to always apply Serum A before Serum B due to the water-based nature of Serum A vs the oil-based nature of Serum B.

Apply enough(1-3 pumps) of Serum A to lightly cover the treatment area of the scalp, and gently massage into the scalp to facilitate absorption.

Allow Serum A to fully absorb into the skin. Apply just enough(1-2 pumps) of Serum B to lightly cover the same target area where Serum A was just applied. Gently massage into the skin to aid absorption.

If any noticeable amount of serum A or Serum B remains on the scalp after application then reduce the amount of serum applied.

Yes. And VERY IMPORTANT to point out to any potential customer of Auxano Grow.

If one is living an inflammatory lifestyle (high stress, smoking, poor sleep habits, high consumption of junk food, alcohol, seed oils and sugar) and/or has high levels of body fat (visceral body fat is highly inflammatory), Auxano Grow WILL NOT WORK WELL IF AT ALL due to the blood flow to your scalp being heavily restricted.

In the presence of disease conditions like COPD and Metabolic Disease (Insulin Resistance and or Type 2 Diabetes) where vascular networks and pathways are occluded (severely restricting blood flow to the scalp), results with Auxano will be poor to non-existent.

A general maintenance routine would be to apply Auxano Grow 1-2 times per week to the area of concern.

Auxano Grow does not generate any sunlight sensitivity.

If the directions for application have been followed and the applied serums are sufficiently absorbed, sun exposure is not a concern.

Auxano Grow uses the highest quality materials and ingredients, along with the highest percentage of organic components currently available.

The Auxano Grow formulation is generally safe for chemically sensitive individuals but everyone is N-of-1 and biochemically unique.

If the directions are followed closely, there should be no excessive residue or greasiness.

A light layer of Auxano Grow will be readily absorbed by the skin when gently massaged into the target area.

Any excess residue or greasiness is a result of over-application.

How fast someone may see results will vary depending on lifestyle factors (epigenetics) and genetics.

These range from the overall state of an individual's health to the root cause of their hair loss itself.

Some people have reported results in as little as three weeks.

Typically, results can be seen anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks after you begin using Auxano Grow.

It is important to understand the lower one's systemic inflammation (due to lifestyle), the better results will be.

Once you achieve an initial result you are happy with, we recommend a maintenance schedule.

A maintenance schedule may range from a once-a-week application to using Auxano Grow every other day.

Living a low inflammation, fully optimized lifestyle, will greatly contribute to positive hair regrowth when using Auxano Grow.

The effects of Auxano Grow do not disappear or reverse upon halting treatment.

Depending on the root cause of an individual's hair loss, their overall health and lifestyle, a maintenance schedule may be beneficial in maintaining long-term results.

GHK-Cu and Carbon 60 work synergistically to produce regenerative effects that may reverse underlying damage leading to hair loss.

Many hair loss solutions only treat the underlying symptoms.

Once treatment is ceased, the benefits disappear rapidly.

Even when the use of Auxano Grow is halted, the cumulative regenerative effects that occurred during the treatment cycle will remain.

Great question and one taking a bit more white space to answer.

Auxano Grow is not intended to be combined with other compounds, with the exception of red light therapy.

Minoxidil and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blockers have a wide array of side effects, and GHK-Cu alone has been demonstrated to be at least as effective as Minoxidil.

The DHT mechanism of hair loss is predicated on the action of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone to DHT.

5 Alpha Reductase is a key intermediate in multiple pathways, not just DHT.

There are studies suggesting hair loss may be more fundamentally associated with restriction of blood flow to the impacted area of the scalp.

Both GHK-Cu and ESS60 are proven to support the development of healthy blood flow.

It is hypothesized stimulating healthy blood flow to the follicular root is one of the multiple methods of action through which GHK-Cu and Carbon 60 generate hair regrowth action.

Dr. Loren Pickart, the pioneer who proved GHK-Cu's multiple health benefits in his hundreds of published studies, explains it best:

1. "...many men have high testosterone metabolite levels but never suffer hair loss."
2. "The ultimate factor in hair loss appears to be not DHT itself, but damage to the hair follicle."
3. "A recent study of 3,000 individuals found no link between baldness and the genes (5-alpha reductase) controlling the production of testosterone metabolites."
4. "Some researchers are of the opinion that if follicular health is improved or maintained, it is possible that hair loss can be reversed or minimized."

Be on the lookout for an upcoming article that further deepens the understanding of Hair Loss, DHT and Inflammation to the scalp.

For many more questions and answers about Auxano Grow, read our article.

Yes, Auxano Grow V2 can help with all types of hair loss including what is observed in peri and post menopausal women. By working through the multiple effects of GHK and C60, including angiogenesis and antioxidant effects, the hair follicles general state of health is improved. This supports the maintenance of existing hair and potentially supporting the generation of new hair as well. It's imperative users realize their current state of topical and systemic inflammation will be the ultimate arbiter of their success with Auxano. The lower their rate of inflammation, the better results will be.

Auxano Grow can be used for beards in the same way it is used for hair on the scalp. Massaging both products into the facial skin where there is beard growth is of most importance. The results achieved using any Aseir Product will always be related to the health of the individual’s cellular tissue in the skin and hair. The less inflammation one has (systemic and topically) the faster results will occur as new blood flow (to the targeted cells) will be less restricted. Please be aware Auxano Beard (a separate beard conditioning and regrowth product) is coming by Q1 2022.

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is an interesting delivery system. It can improve the transport and absorption of topical products. In theory, it would help with allowing Auxano Grow's active ingredients to penetrate the dermis of the scalp. Due to some people being highly sensitive to DMSO, we recommend applying Auxano only as demonstrated on our website and in our videos.

Auxano Grow does not cause any disruption to hormonal systems or pathways. Because it stimulates the body to enhance natural biological processes, no side effects are produced. The cellular health of the end user will always be the chief determinant to the ultimate success and results achieved when using Auxano Grow.

We recommend applying Auxano post shower in the morning or the evening to allow for maximum absorption in the scalp. If you are going to shower post application, we recommend a minimum of 3 hours for Auxano(Serum A and Serum B) to be absorbed into the scalp.

Great Question. We recommend you start applying Auxano Grow in the AM while continuing your Minoxidil protocol in the evening. It is important the Auxano does not compete against the Minoxidil for absorption into the scalp. After 3 weeks of Auxano use in the morning, you can withdraw from your Minoxidil protocol for good as your scalp will be in a much better state of health from using the Auxano.