It’s based on phototherapy and meridian science of traditional Chinese medicine. It has vibration and light therapy massage function.

There are 49 soft massage prods to massage the important acupoints of the head to promote the blood circulation of the scalp.

Relaxes the head, long-term use, can effectively relieve hair loss, dizziness or headache.

Product structure:

The light therapy massage comb is carefully designed according to ergonomics.

With specific 49 non-static massage prods and built-in high-performance motor.

In order to ensure the correct and safe use of phototherapy massage comb, please, read the operation manual carefully before use.

Please, do not use phototherapy massage comb when driving.

Do not use phototherapy massage comb in high temperature environment.

Don’t put the massage comb near electric heater, stove or direct sunlight.

Please, do not use this product for patients with stroke and hypertension.

If have the surgery on massage area recently, please, do not use the phototherapy massage comb.

Please, use it after charging, in order to avoid damage to the machine when the power is insufficient or not used for a long time.

Phototherapy massage comb is designed as a family health care product, which is not suitable for diagnostic treatment and other commercial uses.

Please, use neutral detergent. Do not wash with water.

- Phototherapy massage comb
- USB charging cable
- Instruction manual

When the power is insufficient and cannot be used, please, charge it.

Press and hold switch button for 3 seconds, it starts to vibrate and massage.

Short press switch button to choose different vibration mode.

Press and hold light button for 3 seconds, it starts phototherapy.

Short press light button to choose different light color.

Press and hold the switch button to turn off the machine.

Press and hold the light button to turn off the light.

- Massage the neck and the back of the head
- Comb and massage from the head to the ear
- Comb and massage from the head to the neck
- Comb and massage from the neck to the head

Product name: Photon massage comb

Product size: 23*4.5*4cm

Product weight: 100g net weight

Product material: abs + pe

Charging voltage: 5v/1a

Battery parameters: 3.7v/500mah