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The Eyelash Growth Collection

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Get thicker, fuller lashes the natural way with our eyelash growth serum. Place an order for Aseir Custom lash enhancing serum today.

Lash Growth Serum

Long, thick eyelashes are in—but fake extensions are far from the best way to get them. Unfortunately, trendy home remedies like “essential” oils don’t work either. So, what can you do to get longer, fuller, and healthier eyelashes? Aseir Custom’s eyelash growth serum is the answer. Our lash serum enhances eyelash growth with a science-based formula that includes high concentrations of naturally occurring acids and peptides. Unlike other brands that are just trying to make a quick buck, we don’t skimp on quality ingredients, and we maintain strict standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. Try it for yourself and you’ll agree that Aseir Custom makes the best lash growth serum on the market.

Auxano Brow and lash grower and shaper

Auxano Brow & Lash

Auxano Brow & Lash is a two-in-one eyebrow and eyelash boost serum that makes everything around the eyes look younger and healthier. This long lash serum is formulated using an ingredient called myristoyl pentapeptide-17, which is a combination of myristic acid, an oil-soluble fatty acid, with a peptide spanning five amino acids in length (Lys-Leu-Ala-Lys-Lys). MP-17 stimulates the genes that are associated with keratin production, encouraging eyelash growth.

Our lash boost serum also uses antioxidants and natural moisturizers to create an ideal environment for lash growth. Instead of just affecting the lashes themselves the way other products do, Auxano Brow & Lash solves the underlying problems that keep your lashes from looking as great as they can.

Eyelash Growth Serum That Is Safe and Effective

There’s a reason “all natural” remedies like castor oil don’t work: the effect just isn’t strong enough. Aseir Custom’s serums for eyelash growth can get the results you’re hoping for with naturally occurring molecules that won't harm your skin or body. We use copious amounts of MP-17 and other quality ingredients to make sure your lashes stay noticeable.

Our lash serums are:
  • Made in the USA with pure, locally sourced ingredients
  • Manufactured in carefully controlled conditions
  • Created by professionals with 20+ years of experience in biohacking and biotechnology, who have personally used peptides with great success

How to Use our Eyelash Enhancers for the Best Results

  1. Make sure the area around your eyes is clean and dry, taking special care to remove all eye makeup.
  2. Apply a light amount of the lash serum to the top and bottom of your lash line, then let it dry.
  3. Use the lash serum daily, and remain patient. It may take several weeks to see a significant change, but we know you’ll like what you see! Continue to apply the serum every day to maintain your great new look.
  4. Trust Aseir Custom for the Best Lash Growth Serum You Can Buy

    Why? Because it actually works. It’s backed by science. It uses the highest-quality ingredients. It gets results without relying on anything fake or harmful. Do we need to say more? Order our lash boosting serum today and enjoy thicker, fuller lashes for years.

Premium ingredients. Made in the USA.