Why Everyone Should Be Using GHK-Cu


Let's talk about GHKCu and why IT IS the most underrated skin care product on earth.

It's such a powerful age modulator for the skin, my wife Monica freaks out when she gets close to running out. :)

Here are some of the benefits and my comments below them (a lot of this will be found in the Peptides book coming.)

Activates wound healing: GHK-Cu is a natural modulator of dermal repair, which occurs via enhanced tissue development and elevated angiogenesis.

Are you a fighter? If you are, GHKCu is a must on your face.

Anti-inflammatory agent: GHK-Cu controls the oxidative damage that occurs post-tissue injury (ex. a strike to the face), likely by reducing TNF- alpha induced secretion of IL-6.

See above. Who can't stand to reduce systemic inflammation?

Anti-oxidant effects: GHK-Cu increases the expression of 14 antioxidant genes in the body, thereby reducing the concentration of harmful free radicals.

There is a reason Nick and I are considering a combination product of C-60 & GHK-Cu together.

Attracts immune cells: GHK-Cu mobilizes endothelial cells and immune cells, redirecting them to the site of injury.

Better immunity, longer life. Period.

Growth factor production: GHK-Cu can increase production of various growth factors that are critical for regulating several cellular processes.

For soft tissue repair and rejuvenation, who can't use more of this?

Promotes blood vessel growth: Through angiogenesis, vasodilation and anticoagulation, GHK-Cu re-establishes blood flow into damaged tissues.

If you've purchased a Rocket, then you can definitely use GHK-Cu on your penis shaft after treatment.

Protects & remodels tissue: GHK-Cu plays a pivotal role in signaling tissue remodeling, which removes damaged/scarred tissue to generate new and healthier tissue. It does so by acting as a feedback signal that is generated after tissue injury.

Hello, see above.

Repairs DNA: GHK-Cu stimulates fibroblast growth and restores their function in intact, irradiated cells.

As DNA continues to be upgraded as the central sun energy hits earth, GHKCu is a major adjunct.

Restores components of dermal matrix: GHK-Cu is known to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans in skin fibroflasts.

Every age man or woman wants better skin elasticity and less sagging skin.

Stem cell activation: GHK-Cu increases expression of epidermal stem cell markers P63, along with several other integrins.

Stem cell therapy is all the rage but extremely expensive. Get some of the benefits by using GHKCu on your skin and face.

If you are an aging Man or Woman, why would you not use it?