GHK-Cu: How the Unique Properties of this Powerful Peptide Speed Up the Healing Process

If you haven’t yet heard about the healing power of the human copper-binding peptide GHK-Cu, read ahead to understand why it’s the future of health and wellbeing.

GHK-Cu is naturally produced in the body and can be found in plasma, urine, and saliva. Yet, the amount of this health-promoting substance in the body decreases as we age.

Many researchers have studied the effects of GHK-Cu and have found that it contains properties that repair DNA, promote wound healing, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and regenerates nerves.

When paired with a healthy lifestyle, GHK-Cu can help you fully optimize your health and help you feel and look younger. 

As humans age, the number of cancer-promoting and inflammatory genes increases in our bodies, while the number of regenerative genes decreases.

This results in what we describe as the aging process and a decline in overall health. As the level of GHK-Cu begins to dwindle with age, our bodies lose their ability to heal wounds and repair tissue as efficiently or effectively.

But by using products infused with GHK-Cu, we can reap the benefits from this incredible molecule. We’ll look at its benefits in more detail below.

GHK-Cu Repairs Damaged DNA

It’s been shown that GHK-Cu has the ability to actually reconfigure the genes of patients suffering from cancer from a diseased state to a healthy state.

This benefit is due to GHK-Cu’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. As we age, our bodies lose their natural ability to heal and repair DNA.

But we are discovering that GHK-Cu can actually be used as both a preventative measure and a treatment for conditions like COPD, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

With respect to cancer specifically, GHK-Cu can not only aid in the regrowth of tissue that’s been damaged by radiation treatments, but it has also been shown to reverse the expression of genes that are responsible for the metastasis of colon cancer

Speeds Wound Healing

Studies have found that GHK-Cu speeds up antioxidant enzyme levels, which leads to increased tissue growth. As a result, wound healing is sped up substantially.

Its ability to promote wound healing has been shown in multiple studies.

GHK-Cu is so powerful that it can be beneficial both when injected and when applied topically on the skin, which is why it’s so effective in Aseir Custom’s skin-care products

The positive effects of GHK-Cu were discovered in the early 1970s, and decades of extensive research have proven that it can reduce oxidative stress and its effects on aging. It’s known to positively impact tissue in the nervous system, skin, blood vessels, and bone. 

GHK-Cu improves blood flow to damaged tissues by increasing the formation of blood vessels. Ample blood flow means that nutrients and waste can pass through the body with ease, which facilitates healing and regeneration.

Also, GHK-Cu stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin, which increases the strength and resiliency of blood-vessel walls. GHK-Cu also stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, which are the cells that form connective tissue and restore tissue after injury.

Strong Anti-Inflammatory Effects

It turns out that oxidative stress caused by disrupted copper uptake in the body causes inflammation and results in age-associated degenerative conditions. Inflammation is said to be the leading cause of disease in the body.

Studies have found a correlation between chronic inflammation and systemic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

GHK-Cu is able to suppress harmful free radicals, which prevents oxidative stress on tissues. Not only can this have positive impacts on the overall, systemic health of the body, but more superficially, it leads to improvements in skin and hair texture and appearance.

Compounds like GHK-Cu that have antioxidant functions can restore copper balance in the body, reduce inflammation, and reverse the effects of aging.

Used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, GHK-Cu can be helpful in reducing inflammation in the body, and it’s been safely used as an anti-aging skincare treatment for decades.

Facilitates Nerve Regeneration

It’s been shown that GHK-Cu can promote nerve growth by increasing the production of nerve growth factors.

It increases both the proliferation of Schwann cells (which support nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system) and the axon (actual nerve fiber) count when compared to a control group.

Nervous tissue is notoriously slow and challenging to heal, so the potential for GHK-Cu in the medical field is promising. Healthy nervous tissue is a large determiner in skin health and is a necessary part of skin regeneration and wound healing.

Used in skincare, GHK-Cu can have truly renewing effects on the body. 

Boosts Immunity

Aging isn’t the only harmful contributor to tissue health. Psychological stress can delay skin barrier recovery, increase inflammation, and weaken the skin’s immune function.

This reduction in immunity affects hormones and inflammation-causing cytokines, which can aggravate conditions of the skin like early aging, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

GHK-Cu not only helps with inflammation, as we’ve discussed but also actually reduces pain and anxiety. Lowered stress levels in the body mean that the immune system can become more robust, leading to better health and skin.

It’s clear from decades of research that GHK-Cu is helpful at treating and improving multitudes of the body’s ailments.

GHK-Cu is helpful for long-term systemic issues, which leads to healthier skin and hair. The molecule is proven to be safe, and no harm has ever occurred in the many cosmetic or wound-healing studies that have been performed.

GHK-Cu is non-toxic and a natural human tripeptide. It easily forms a copper complex with pre-existing copper in the body, which makes it extremely bioavailable.

It supports fast wound healing, regenerates and improves tissue, speeds up nerve development, and brings the body into a state of reduced inflammation. You can restore vital health, regardless of age.

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