Auxano Grow: Every Hair Loss Question Answered (So Far)

If you suffer from hair loss, thinning, or premature balding, this article has everything you'd ever want to know about Auxano Grow.

If you are familiar with hair loss solutions, you already know this is a mere fraction of the cost of competitive products.

Oh and Auxano Grow really, really, really does work.

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Let's dive into the questions!

Regular use of Auxano Grow

Q: What is the best way to apply Auxano Grow for maximum results?

A: For maximum benefit use Serum A (GHK-Cu) in combination with Serum B (Carbon 60). We recommend to always apply Serum A before Serum B due to the water-based nature of Serum A vs the oil-based nature of Serum B.

Apply enough (1-3 pumps) of Serum A to lightly cover the treatment area of the scalp, and gently massage into the scalp to facilitate absorption.

Allow Serum A to fully absorb into the skin. Apply just enough (1-2 pumps) of Serum B to lightly cover the same target area where Serum A was just applied. Gently massage into the skin to aid absorption.

If any noticeable amount of serum A or Serum B remains on the scalp after application then reduce the amount of serum applied.

My recently posted video tutorial demonstrates how to apply Auxano Grow to your scalp for the best results possible.

I also recommend reading this article for more details, now updated with video tutorials for women!

Q: Is a once-a-day application enough for noticeable hair growth? 

A: Results may vary from person to person due to factors such as their current state of health (level of systemic inflammation) and root cause of hair loss (genetic issues like Androgenic Alopecia).

If you are in an advanced stage of hair loss, we recommend applying twice a day, morning and evening.

For people in the initial stages of hair loss, once a day application is recommended.

It is unlikely most people will see a significant difference between applying twice a day versus three times a day.

As such, applying three times a day (or more) would not be expected to produce a significantly better result than twice a day.

Q: What is the ideal maintenance routine for using Auxano Grow, once the desired results are achieved?

A: A general maintenance routine would be to apply Auxano Grow 1-2 times per week to the area of concern.

Q: After applying, is it recommended to avoid sun exposure for a period of time?

A: Auxano Grow does not generate any sunlight sensitivity.

If the directions for application have been followed and the applied serums are sufficiently absorbed, sun exposure is not a concern.

Q: Is this product safe for chemically sensitive individuals?

A: Auxano Grow uses the highest quality materials and ingredients, along with the highest percentage of organic components currently available.

The Auxano Grow formulation is generally safe for chemically sensitive individuals but everyone is N-of-1 and biochemically unique.

Q: Will your scalp and hair be greasy after application?

A: If the directions are followed closely, there should be no excessive residue or greasiness.

A light layer of Auxano Grow will be readily absorbed by the skin when gently massaged into the target area.

Any excess residue or greasiness is a result of over-application.

We are working on including a dropper with every Auxano Grow V2 shipment to help longer-haired individuals evenly distribute both GHK-Cu and C60 throughout the hair follicles.

Q: Does Auxano Grow runoff on pillowcases?

A: If a residue is being left behind on pillowcases or other items, an excessive quantity of serum is being used.

During application, you should be applying just enough serum to lightly cover a target area such that it is fully absorbed.

Q: Does Auxano Grow have an odd smell to it?

A: Auxano Grow is not formulated with scents or fragrances.

Some people report a medicinal smell with the product, while others report no noticeable smell.

Q: How fast I can start seeing results with Auxano Grow?

A: How fast someone may see results will vary depending on lifestyle factors (epigenetics) and genetics.

These range from the overall state of an individual's health to the root cause of their hair loss itself.

Some people have reported results in as little as three weeks.

Typically, results can be seen anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks after you begin using Auxano Grow.

It is important to understand the lower one's systemic inflammation (due to lifestyle), the better results will be.

Q: Is this product something that has to be used for the rest of your life, and how much does it break down to (in terms of monthly cost)?

A: Once you achieve an initial result you are happy with, we recommend a maintenance schedule.

A maintenance schedule may range from a once-a-week application to using Auxano Grow every other day.

Living a low inflammation, fully optimized lifestyle will greatly contribute to positive hair regrowth when using Auxano Grow.

Q: Are the hair regrowth results with Auxano Grow permanent?

A: The effects of Auxano Grow do not disappear or reverse upon halting treatment.

Depending on the root cause of an individual's hair loss, their overall health and lifestyle, a maintenance schedule may be beneficial in maintaining long-term results.

GHK-Cu and Carbon 60 work synergistically to produce regenerative effects that may reverse underlying damage leading to hair loss.

Many hair loss solutions only treat the underlying symptoms.

Once treatment is ceased, the benefits disappear rapidly.

Even when the use of Auxano Grow is halted, the cumulative regenerative effects that occurred during the treatment cycle will remain.

It is the opinion of both Nick and I, that a maintenance dosage to your scalp for life is the BEST STRATEGY due to the amazing regenerative effects GHK-Cu and Carbon 60 provide singularly and in their synergistic combination.

Q: Will Auxano Grow be available as an aerosol foam in the near future?

A: Aseir is currently investigating making this product available in other formulations and so far the best new delivery system is a micronized spray due to the ability of the carrier molecules(C60 oil based and GHK-Cu water based) to absorb uniformly in the scalp. Especially in relation to longer hair individuals like Women.

How Auxano Grow works on your scalp

My deep-dive article explains the in-depth science of Auxano Grow and why it may be the most effective new hair loss solution on the market.

Q: Typically, hair loss (in men) is the direct result of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) attaching itself to the DHT receptor at the follicle. This in turn stunts the life, growth, and cycle of the follicle until it is miniaturized and then falls dormant. How does Auxano Grow interrupt this process, assuming it’s not a DHT blocker?

A: Great question and one taking a bit more white space to answer.

Auxano Grow is not intended to be combined with other compounds, with the exception of red light therapy.

Minoxidil and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blockers have a wide array of side effects, and GHK-Cu alone has been demonstrated to be at least as effective as Minoxidil.

The DHT mechanism of hair loss is predicated on the action of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone to DHT.

5 Alpha Reductase is a key intermediate in multiple pathways, not just DHT.

There are studies suggesting hair loss may be more fundamentally associated with restriction of blood flow to the impacted area of the scalp.

Both GHK-Cu and ESS60 are proven to support the development of healthy blood flow.

It is hypothesized stimulating healthy blood flow to the follicular root is one of the multiple methods of action through which GHK-Cu and Carbon 60 generate hair regrowth action.

Dr. Loren Pickart, the pioneer who proved GHK-Cu's multiple health benefits in his hundreds of published studies, explains it best:

"...many men have high testosterone metabolite levels but never suffer hair loss.
"The ultimate factor in hair loss appears to be not DHT itself, but damage to the hair follicle.
"A recent study of 3,000 individuals found no link between baldness and the genes (5-alpha reductase) controlling the production of testosterone metabolites.
"Some researchers are of the opinion that if follicular health is improved or maintained, it is possible that hair loss can be reversed or minimized."

Q: I have seen many products and therapies that can get an initial burst of hair growth. However, to have hair growth that goes from the nascent beginning to permanent is the real test. Does this product do that?

A: GHK-Cu and C60 have been shown in multiple studies to produce a regenerative effect through multiple methods of action.

Auxano Grow supports the regeneration of healthy follicles and the underlying support structures in the dermis.

The long term stability of hair regrowth seen with Auxano will always vary between individuals as we are all N-of-1 and biochemically unique.

Depending on one's lifestyle, personal level of health, and underlying specific causes (epigenetic vs genetic) hair loss, many will find hair growth(regrowth) to be permanent.

In order to better answer this question more thoroughly, Aseir is working with The Vantis Institute to engage in documented real-world trials.

Stay tuned for more information as soon as we have it.

Q: How is Auxano Grow used to mimic the growth cycle of the hair follicle?

A: The method of action as currently understood is through multiple processes, ranging from reducing inflammation at the follicular root to improving mitochondrial function and enhancing angiogenesis(collagen synthesis) in the dermis.

Auxano Grow works to improve both the health and condition of the hair follicle, along with the surrounding dermis (skin).

Q: How does this product differ from Rogaine and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments?

A: The mechanisms of GHK-Cu and C60 as currently understood are complementary.

GHK-Cu possesses a range of biological actions including wound healing, the attraction of immune cells, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and promotion of blood vessel growth.

C60 has also been shown to produce a marked increase in the number of hair follicles within the dermis in human skin.

These biological actions may act to improve the ability of the skin to support healthy follicle development.

Neither GHK-Cu nor C60 has the negative side effects commonly reported and associated with either PRP treatments or Rogaine.

Q: Does this have legitimate Carbon 60 in it, and if so, is your supplier reliable?

A: The C60 used in Auxano grow is provided by Purple Powera company that holds the patents on the highest quality C60 currently available in the marketplace.

If you want to experience the many health benefits of C60 as a standalone product, make sure you source it from Purple Power and get 15% off your purchase with code JayC

Q: I suffer from MPB and have a pretty large spot on the crown. Although my hair loss has dramatically slowed in the last few years (I only have the one bald spot and no thinning anywhere else...see image), can Auxano Grow regrow my hair in specifically targeted areas ie bald spots?

A: As long as there is still noticeable follicular development in the area of the scalp, treatment with Auxano Grow may increase hair regrowth for all of the reasons already mentioned above.

There is research supporting the possibility of new follicular development.

The science specifies it would take extended periods of time to produce new follicular regeneration.

Specific use-cases for Auxano Grow

Q: On average, how many squirts do you get in a bottle of serum A and serum B?

A:Each bottle is a 30ml bottle and each pump of the bottle outputs approximately 0.21 ml of product. Each bottle will produce about 140 pumps.

Q: What is the price range for a monthly supply of Auxano Grow?

A: This totally depends on the length of one’s hair. For those with longer hair types, covering the entire scalp will likely last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. For shorter hair people or for Male Pattern Baldness or gradual thinning one supply (Serum A and Serum B)could last up to 90 days.

Q: Are there any reported side effects?

A:  Auxano grow utilizes components that have been in active use in the skin care industry without incident. However someone with sensitive skin can react to topical products unexpectedly. In the case of unexpected skin irritation, the use of the product should be halted immediately. 

Q: Would it be beneficial to keep your hair short in order for more of the product to be absorbed by the scalp?

A: This would be a personal preference. We have people with long hair utilizing our product without issue, although we will soon include a dropper with each shipment of Auxano Grow to help longer-haired individuals experience better absorption of GHK-Cu and C60 across the board.

Q: Will coloring your hair when using Auxano Grow limit your results or block angiogenesis from occurring?

A: Most coloring treatments involve harsh chemicals that are irritating to the skin and can exacerbate or trigger inflammatory responses. This will certainly have a negative impact on the effectiveness of Auxano grow. We recommend hair coloring or other potentially irritating hair treatments be avoided when utilizing Auxano grow.

Q: Does the Auxano Grow Hair Growth Formula help with Melasma / Age Spots / Hyperpigmentation on the scalp from sun exposure in addition to hair growth?

A: GHK has been documented to help with hyperpigmentation. Auxano Grow is not intended for the treatment of any of these conditions and we cannot make specific claims as to how it may perform in such a role. We have had individuals use the Serum and Creams to treat this condition with spectacular results.

Q: I use more Serum A (GHK-Cu) than Serum B (C60). Can I purchase these individually? Is Serum A simply the GHK-Cu Royal Blue?

A: Serum A is not the same product as GHK-Cu Royal Blue Serum.  They both contain GHK however the Serum A product is formulated to specifically support hair growth. At some point in the future, we may offer the ability to purchase the products separately. Our primary focus is on developing a one stage process whereby GHK-Cu (water based) is combined with C60(oil based)in a stable formula for application.

Q: Will wearing a hat or similar after application (example, morning application when using twice a day) impact the effectiveness of the product?

A: Under normal conditions, this would not be an issue

Q: What is the absorption time between applying serum A and serum B? Is there a best practice time wise to allow both solutions maximum absorption?

A: How quickly the serum is absorbed will vary from person to person. We recommend waiting 3 to 5 minute after fully massaging serum A (GHK-Cu) into the scalp before applying Serum B (C60)

Q: Can you provide information on seeing hair growth with Auxano Grow in the temple areas of the forehead common with Male Pattern Baldness?

A:  Our customers have collectively reported growth in all of the common areas of hair loss, however results may vary from person to person. There are studies indicating both GHK-Cu and Carbon 60 provide spontaneous follicular regrowth. We have testimonials and before-and-after pictures demonstrating regrowth in the temple areas.

Q: Can you continue to shave your head with a razor down to the skin when using Auxano Grow?

A: Yes. Auxano Grow is designed to support the overall air structure as well as the follicle. While the result from Auxano Grow will not be as readily observable with a closely shaved head, it will not prevent the product from working as intended.

Q: Is Auxano Grow a vegan Formula?

A: Yes. There are no animal products used in the formulation of Auxano Grow. In our Sky Blue GHK-Cu Cream there is goat's milk. We can honestly say that no life forms were hurt or injured in the making of our products.

Q: Can Auxano Grow be used as a preventative measure to potentially prevent hair loss if it runs in my family?

A: Currently, there aren't any studies that speak to this benefit.

The mechanism of action of both GHK-Cu and C60 suggest the preventive use of Auxano Grow may be beneficial for the long-term maintenance of hair for people with genetically predisposed hair loss. The testimonials and before and afters that continue to come in also support our stance.

Q: Is Auxano Grow helpful for enhanced beard growth?

Answer: Auxano Grow supports hair growth through the regenerative actions of GHK-Cu and C60 as already disclosed above.

Our initial experience with this formulation and with those who've used Auxano Grow have included enhanced beard growth.

Q: Will Auxano Grow help reverse the graying of hair?

A: Although Auxano Grow IS NOT making claims it is intended to inhibit or reverse the graying of hair, this effect has been reported by some individuals using the product. Since Jay started using the product once daily, his roots have noticeably darkened well beyond his micro pigmentation procedure with the Vantis Institute.

Q: Will Auxano Grow lead to the growth of hair if you have already been bald on top for ten years?

A: Auxano Grow may help but is not likely to have as significant of an effect as when viable follicles are still present.

We do have anecdotal reports of seeing new hair develop over an extended period of time (ranging from 8 weeks or more).

The Carbon 60 component of Auxano Grow has been demonstrated to produce new hair follicles in studies.

Q: Is the Auxano Grow product indicated for female pattern hair loss and/or the all-over "hair fall" type loss (telogen effluvium) that some women experience for various reasons?

A: Yes, Auxano grow can help with all types of hair loss including what is observed in peri and post menopausal women. By working through the multiple effects of GHK and C60, including angiogenesis and antioxidant effects, the hair follicles general state of health is improved. This supports the maintenance of existing hair and potentially supporting the generation of new hair as well.

Q: How careful should we be in applying both compounds to the hairline for treating receding hairline? For example, should the product only be used up to the maximum point that we hope to bring hair forward? If we apply the product midway down the forehead could we expect hair growth midway down the forehead as well? Or would it only act to simulate regrowth up to where our hairline was previously? And of the 2 compounds, do we need to be equally careful/not careful in the exact area of application? Or for instance could serum 1 be applied to the whole forehead for reducing fine lines, but serum 2 must be limited to only the point at which we seek to bring the hairline forward?

A: Auxano Grow will not grow hair where your body would not normally generate hair follicles. Auxano Grow works by supporting the healthy state of hair follicles your body naturally grows in normal hair production patterns. Therefore being highly precise with application is not a necessary concern.
Auxano Grow is formulated and intended to support the healthy state of existing hair and to support new hair growth. It is not intended as a specific skin care product. We recommend you choose the face serum(Royal Blue) or face cream(Sky Blue) for direct skin care use.

Combining Auxano Grow with other treatments

Q: Are there any specific things a person can do to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of the treatment?

For example: Red light therapy post application, specific time of day, hot or cold therapy, or application in a fasted or fed state.

A: Red light therapy has been shown to have a complementary function, aiding in cellular health of the dermal layer as well as supporting healthy follicles.

At this time we do not recommend combining Auxano Grow with anything other than red light therapy, as other compounds have not been assessed by Aseir for potential interactions.

Q: Would you recommend using both Auxano Grow and Minoxidil in combination?

A: It is not recommended Auxano Grow be used at the same time as Minoxidil or other topical products that would be competing against each other (such as applying Minoxidil and Auxano Grow at the same time).

If you plan to use multiple topical products, please ensure enough time elapses between the application of each.

Example: One could apply Minoxidil in the morning and Auxano Grow in the evening.

Q: Will using Testosterone Optimization Therapy (TOT) effect the results of Auxano Grow?

A: Hormonal Optimization can support healthier hair in some people, but in others Androgens have been shown to speed the rate of follicular shedding due to genetic conditions like Androgenic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness).

Using Auxano Grow while also utilizing Therapeutic Testosterone will not accelerate hair loss or lessen the effects of Testosterone's mechanism of action.

As always, results vary from person to person due to biochemical individuality.

Q: Is Auxano Grow synergistic with Vantis Follicular Replacement?

A: Yes, initial trials with Vantis Follicular Replacement have demonstrated that Auxano Grow works hand-in-hand with Vantis Follicular Replacement to improve hair regrowth and reverse hair loss.

Jay is living proof of this as his hair has grown over the VHR procedure (micro pigmentation) without incident or issue.

Q: Is there an added benefit to utilizing red light therapy (Joovv) with Auxano Grow?

A: There is documented research demonstrating red light therapy's ability to enhance the regenerative effects of GHK-Cu.

Red light therapy alone has been demonstrated in studies to improve the quality of the dermis through multiple actions.

It also has a major stimulating effect on the dermal papilla cells, which play a big role in the regulation of hair cycling and growth.

Q: How does your product differ from the one sold by C360 for hair regrowth?

A: This company's product is only C60 in Caprylic Acid with an activator of DMSO.

They DO NOT combine the synergistic and regenerative capability of copper peptide GHK-Cu as we do with Auxano Grow.

We can not comment on the quality of the C60 found in that specific preparation although I'm sure it is consistent with label claims.

Summary and conclusion

To recap:

  1. If you email me a question that's not covered in this FAQ and we add it to the page, you'll be entered into the drawing for a FREE 3-month supply of Auxano Grow.

Auxano Grow is a revolutionary product potentially capable of changing the world for the hundreds of millions of men and women who suffer from hair loss.