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Shop our Copper Peptide GHK-Cu products, the Holy Grail of Anti-Aging formulas

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Auxano Brow and Lash

Utilize The Healing Power of Aseir Custom's Cosmetic Peptides to Create Luscious Lashes and Thicker Brows!

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Auxano Grow

GHK-Cu and Nanomolecule Carbon 60 are the dream team to stop hair loss and regrow natural hair.

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Noticed a huge difference.

Your GHK-Cu serum and cream have made a drastic improvement in skin clarity and overall appearance for both me and my wife. We have focused on the area below our eyes and the skin feels tighter and smoother. I have also used it on my scalp. It has shown a measurable improvement in stopping hair thinning and increasing hair thickness. I have combined it with red light therapy to enhance absorption. Another bonus, I used it on a surn burn that surely would have peeled, but nope...could barely tell I was burnt the next day!

Andy Bean

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Skin actually looks better.

I’ve had sun spots from decades of working on the mountain. My former life had me chasing Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin around the World Cup (Coach). After just three weeks of treatment, my sun spots are almost completely gone and even my wife thinks I look a decade younger. I’m super grateful for Aseir and plan on using it for the foreseeable future.

Brandon Dyksterhouse

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Just Wow!!!

I’m a 46 year old ‘soccer mom’ and I’ve seen spent way too many hours in the sun unprotected. Since I started using Aseir Custom’s GHK-Cu Serum and Cream the lines under my eyes have dramatically lessened. I’ve also noticed my skin is much softer and supple. I absolutely love this product and have told all my friends about it.

Tiffany Johnson

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Have been using the GHK-Cu for a little over a month and several people close to me have noticed a huge difference. Comments such as “Wow, what are you doing? You have a glow on your face ... You look younger! I too feel more my face has a nice smooth glow to it. As a fighter, the abrasions heal significantly faster too! Would recommend trying this amazing product out and seeing for yourself!

Dr. Zeeshan Tayeb

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Amazing Results!

I have been using Aseier for approximately 8 months now. I have noticed the texture of my skin improve dramatically. I feel like my skin actually looks better without powder or foundation! Whenever I attempted to use new products preciously my skin would break out. Not with Aseier! My skin is silky smooth! I absolutely love it and this comes from someone who has tried every expensive cream, lotion and serum sold in department stores or online.

Monica Campbell

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The results were not disappointing.

When Jay Campbell told me about GHK-Cu, I knew I had to try it - especially after seeing the research behind this topical so-called anti-aging peptide. The results were not disappointing. My skin became more firm, my hair more dense and even bags under my eyes gradually faded. This serum and cream are definitely worth a try!

Ben Greenfield

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I Am Blown Away!

As a Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, I'm fully immersed into the world of biohacking. I Am Blown Away at how powerful the Serum and Cream are. I mean HOLY SHIT. I have stopped using everything else as nothing works as good as this. My skin is tighter, more even in tone, softer and it has even changed my overall complexion.

Jennifer Benson

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At 40, I’m starting to get subtle reminders of the brutal reality of entropy. The good news is that because of my diet and lifestyle, I’ve been able to slow that process, and even undo years of bad choices from my youth. I’ve always trusted Jay as one of my top sources for whole human optimization. After two months of using Auxano Grow V2, I’ve experienced an explosion of new follicles. Because of these results, I’ve decided to grow my hair out Samson style. It’s nice to get that option back! If you’re looking for something safe and effective—for men AND women—you must use the amazing Auxano Grow V2!

Danny Vega

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Chemical & Cruelty Free

No Gluten

Safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

No Parabens

No hormone-disrupting ingredients here!

No Aluminum

All of our products contain 0% concentration of heavy metals to prevent skin irritations and other adverse reactions.

No Animal Testing

In the biohacking community, we prefer to test things ourselves. We are proud to offer cruelty-free cosmetics!

No Toxic Chemicals

Unlike other cosmeceutical companies, we NEVER use toxic chemicals or undisclosed ingredients. Check out our SCIENCE page to learn how we do it!

No Preservatives

Our peptide formulas have long lasting shelf lives without the use of synthetic preservatives