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Peptides have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, reverse hair loss, and slow the aging process

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Cream & Serum

This 3% GHK-Cu cream brings all the benefits of GHK to aging skin in the form of a deep moisturizing cream.

This silky smooth cream heals dry, damaged and aging skin within a couple applications. It also does a miraculous job on photodamaged skin (from long term sun exposure and mottled hyper-pigmentation). It will also strongly increase keratinocyte proliferation leading to better wound and abrasion healing.

Amazingly enough, the cream will also repair DNA. It stimulates the synthesis of new collagen formation and plays a pivotal role in tissue remodeling leading to new and healthier skin.

This 3% GHK-Cu serum brings all the wondrous healing benefits of GHK to aging skin.

Our serum absorbs instantly and used regularly will tighten loose and saggy skin while also improving skin elasticity, density and firmness. It also reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles. It will dramatically improve the clarity of your skin.

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Auxano Grow V2 Hair Growth Formula

Peptide-Powered Hair Growth Formula

The two biomolecules in this hair loss product work synergistically to simultaneously reverse hair loss and promote hair growth. Both GHK-Cu and C60 are clinically proven to promote hair growth, individually and when combined.

The Copper Peptide GHK-Cu in its various forms offers a wide range of therapeutic applications to include skin rejuvenation, hair regrowth and restoration and even the healing of sun burned skin.

Aseir’s mission is in developing golden age cosmeceutical agents capable of fully optimizing your health.

You can trust our products will continue to push the envelope in helping humanity live longer, healthier and stronger.


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would recommend this product over any other serums

GHK-CU Royal Blue Serum

Auxano Grow V2

Peptide-Powered Hair Growth Formula

GHK-CU Sky Blue Cream

GHK-CU Sky Blue Cream

Auxano Grow V2 Hair Growth Formula

Auxano Grow V2 Hair Growth Formula


What are these “peptides” you speak of?

Peptides are molecules that consist of amino acids attached together in a linear chain-like structure. According to official medical terminology, peptides have fewer than 50 amino acids within their sequence. Those with more than 50 are known as “proteins”.
Copper peptides are small, naturally occurring protein fragments with high affinity for copper ions, which are critical for various bodily functions.

Copper is something that exists naturally within our bodies, and there’s a direct correlation between copper peptides and many degenerative diseases.

Studies show copper peptides not only promote collagen and elastic production, but also promote production of glycosaminoglycans, a very hard to pronounce word for the family of carbohydrates that maintain and support collagen and elastin.

Ingredients proven by clinical studies.

GHK-Cu (Serum A)

  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis)

  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

  • Phenoxyethanol

  • Glycerin

  • Organic Pineapple Fruit Extract (Ananas Comosus)

  • Organic Papaya Fruit Extract (Carica Papaya)

  • Organic Papaya Leaf Extract (Carica Papaya)

  • Organic Alcohol

  • GHK-Cu

  • L-argenine

  • Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate

C60 (Serum B)

  • Organic MCT Oil

  • (C60)

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