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For many people, hair loss comes with a severe blow to their self-esteem. 

If you've ever thought about getting a hair transplant, you must be wondering if it's worth it. 

The process is lengthy, arduous, and expensive, all of which can scare traditional patients away. 

However, if you're facing hair loss that is in dire need of treatment, a hair transplant isn’t the only answer.

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Have you ever wondered what causes skin disease? The truth is, skin diseases are a complex issue.  But, all skin diseases have something in common: the body's natural defense mechanisms, which we call the immune system.  The immune system is...
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Copper peptides are a group of uniquely designed compounds derived from the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.  These small peptides are similar to proteins and have a range of biological effects in the human body, all of which are beneficial...
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