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    Auxano Grow V2 is our newest peptide-powered hair regrowth serum that has worked for our customers, even when other options have failed.
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Rejuvenate Your Skin


GHK-Cu has nearly 50 decades of clinical research backing its ability to rejuvenate your skin, permanently reverse hair loss, heal sunburned skin, and so much more.

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Auxano Grow

Our proprietary dual-compound formulation of GHK-Cu and C60 to reverse hair loss and actively promote the growth of thicker, fuller hair in men and women.

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Restore Your Hair Growth

Reviews from real customers

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    “Since using this powerful combination, I have completely stoped using finasteride and now have healthier and thicker hair.”

    Geoff Howell

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    “I'm blown away at how much thicker my roots have become at only 4 weeks of treatment.”

    Chris Hicks

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    “The regrowth has been so startling, I've had to go back to using hair product again to push my hair up.”

    Jay Campbell

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Powered by peptides, not pseudoscience.

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    No Gluten

    Gluten-sensitive people and those suffering from celiac disease should never be prevented from using products that give them the beautiful, radiant skin they’re looking for.

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    No Parabens

    We don’t rely on hormone-disrupting agents to make our products effective. A beautiful face and body are not worth years of energetic life sabotaged by debilitating diseases.

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    No Aluminum

    Aseir follows a “0% concentration of heavy metals” rule to keep our products safe from skin irritation and other unwanted adverse reactions.

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    No Animal Ingredients

    Thanks to the incredible untapped power of therapeutic peptides, they don’t need to be aided by animal ingredients derived from cruel and unusual practices.

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    No Toxic Chemicals

    We know the cosmetics industry is rife with undisclosed concentrations of toxic chemicals that lead to debilitating health problems down the road. That all stops at Aseir Custom.

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    No Preservatives

    Our peptide formulations have a long-lasting shelf life without requiring the use of questionable preservatives.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re like most of the population, signs of aging may have already set in.

You may be seeing early signs of wrinkles around the eyes or dark spots and be wondering, is it too late?

The answer is no. It’s not too late—but the sooner you begin an anti-aging skin care routine the better.

The number one way to reduce the signs of aging—naturally, at least—is to encourage your skin’s production of collagen.

That’s where cosmeceutical peptides like Aseir Custom’s GHK-Cu come into play.

Applying natural peptides to your skin topically may increase your body’s natural production of peptides for skin.

While collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, according to Dr. Jwala Karnik, “peptides are small enough to penetrate the skin, and when applied topically, they signal the skin to repair itself.”

In response to these signals, your skin may boost its production of collagen peptides.

However, peptides are only a small piece of the puzzle.

You must incorporate healthy anti-aging habits into your skin care regimen and day to day lifestyle to help improve your chances of retaining that youthful glow.

It’s true that the best defense is a good offense, and skin care is no exception to the rule.

While you can’t stop aging, there are ways to delay its effects.

Proper anti-aging skin care routines begin at a young age, with the learning of healthy habits that can keep your skin looking its best.

Cleanse and moisturize regularly: To keep your skin in good health and looking its best, follow a cleansing regimen that includes regular application of moisturizer. Consider your diet: The things you put into your body have an effect on how your body functions and looks. With that in mind, it’s important to stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet.

Be gentle on your skin: It’s also important to remember that your skin is sensitive, and deserves some TLC. Never pull on your skin, as this can cause further collagen deterioration, and avoid using harsh skin care products that do more harm than good.

Perhaps one of the most powerful topical peptides commonly used in skin care are copper peptides.

Copper is something that exists naturally within our bodies, and there’s a direct correlation between copper peptides and many degenerative diseases.

Studies show copper peptides not only promote collagen and elastic production, but also promote production of glycosaminoglycans, a very hard to pronounce word for the family of carbohydrates that maintain and support collagen and elastin.

Copper peptides are small, naturally occurring protein fragments with high affinity for copper ions, which are critical for various bodily functions.

In the case of GHK-Cu, it is a complex between the tripeptide glycl-L-histidyl- L-lysine and copper (II).

It was first identified in human plasma, but is known to be found in multiple locations of the body (ex. urine, saliva).

GHK-Cu possesses an abundance of biological actions; thus it has a wide variety of roles in the human body.

Decades of clinical research reveal numerous health benefits behind this human tripeptide, which are of particular interest to everyone from average individuals wanting to maintain younger healthier skin to older athletes wanting to prevent damages from the wear and tear associated with aging.

The molecule is very safe and no issues have ever arisen during its use as a skin cosmetic or in human wound healing studies.

This powerful molecule is present in abundant quantities in our younger years, its concentration in human plasma is ~200 ng/mL at age 20 but declines to 80 ng/mL by age 60.

This decline in the GHK-level coincides with the noticeable decrease in regenerative capacity.

As a result, there is a considerable increase in inflammation, decreased ability of your body to regenerate from wear and tear, and tissue destruction within the body.

GHK-Cu has emerged as an amazingly effective topical agent for skin care.

Several placebo-controlled facial studies have confirmed the following and numerous benefits when using GHK-Cu:

  • Tighten loose skin and improve elasticity
  • Improve skin density and firmness
  • Reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Improve skin clarity
  • Rejuvenates dry, damaged or aging skin
  • Reduce photodamage and mottled hyper-pigmentation
  • Strongly increase keratinocyte proliferation.
  • Stimulate hair growth, comparable to common agents such as 5%
  • Minoxidils
  • Activates wound healing: GHK-Cu is a natural modulator of dermal repair, which occurs via enhanced tissue development and elevated angiogenesis.
  • Anti-inflammatory agent: GHK-Cu controls the oxidative damage that occurs post-tissue injury (ex. a strike to the face), likely by reducing TNF- alpha induced secretion of IL-6.
  • Anti-oxidant effects: GHK-Cu increases the expression of 14 antioxidant genes in the body, thereby reducing the concentration of harmful free radicals.
  • Attracts immune cells: GHK-Cu mobilizes endothelial cells and immune cells, redirecting them to the site of injury.
  • Growth factor production: GHK-Cu can increase production of various growth factors that are critical for regulating several cellular processes.
  • Promotes blood vessel growth: Through angiogenesis, vasodilation and anticoagulation, GHK-Cu re-establishes blood flow into damaged tissues.
  • Protects & remodels tissue: GHK-Cu plays a pitoval role in signaling tissue remodelling, which removes damaged/scarred tissue to generate new and healthier tissue. It does so by acting as a feedback signal that is generated after tissue injury.
  • Repairs DNA: GHK-Cu stimulates fibroblast growth and restores their function in intact, irradiated cells.
  • Restores components of dermal matrix: GHK-Cu is known to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans in skin fibroflasts.
  • Stem cell activation: GHK-Cu increases expression of epidermal stem cell markers P63, along with several other integrins.

Links to Studies:

While many companies boast Botox-like benefits of peptides for skin, reality is, that just isn’t true.

Peptides cannot totally eliminate under eye bags, fill out lips, or lift brows.

There is some evidence that a small group of peptides, known as neuropeptides, may be able to block signals sent between your nerves and your facial muscles, as Botox does.

However, Dr. Benabio of The Derm Blog explains why this doesn’t mean that neuropeptides will give you the same effect as Botox.

“It would be like pouring a small glass of water onto a mattress and expecting it to soak through the underside of your box spring—it’s very unlikely.”

What you can expect from our products is steady firming and smoothing of your skin as it becomes tauter and more elastic.

The evidence that supports the relationship between peptides skin care and your body’s generation of natural peptides for skin is pretty overwhelming.

In some clinical trials of anti-aging serums, as much as 100% of patients reported improvements in the overall appearance of crow’s feet, radiance, and firmness, and 97% experienced overall improvements in fine lines, skin texture, and clarity.

If you’re interested in maintaining a healthy, smooth complexion, consider the ways Aseir Custom Peptides can help.

Since these are peptide based products, if you are storing longer than 30 days, they must be stored in a cool dark place. Do Not Freeze them!

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